ID-issuing Service for CPO's and EMP's for business in Austria


The standard-compliant completion of the EVSE Provider ID or Operator ID received by the number parts according to DINSPEC-91286 or ISO 15118-2:2014 to a complete EVSEID or EMAID is the responsibility of the respective applying organization/person. 

Please check to the provided information sheets on the standard-compliant EVSEID or standard-compliant EMAID syntax in the download box on the right.


Why do you need the EVSEID?

You, as the charge point operator, use the EVSEID to clearly identify your charging infrastructure up to the power outlet (this is every charging socket or every charging cable installed on your charging stations). The syntax of the EVSEID is simple and already standardized.

You, the charge point operator, will receive the “EVSE Operator ID” (e.g. AT001) from us, the ID issuing office, by means of an online application.

You can now assign your own “Power Outlet IDs” to your charging point(s). You can use up to 30 characters, with separators, in your own number logic to clearly identify your power outlet (e.g. E * 123 ... 0001). Each individual charging point / connection point for EVs requires a unique number.


Why do you need the EMAID 

As the e-mobility provider, you assign internationally unique e-mobility customer numbers to your customers using the EMAID.

The EMAID consists of the “provider ID” of the e-mobility provider (z.B. AT001) and a 9-digit alphanumeric string (instance) and a check digit(z.B C*123aZ90*3).

The scheme according to which the e-mobility provider assigns the instance is freely selectable. 



Austria's central ID issuing agency was established in 2014 by Austrian Mobile Power, in coordination with the Austrian Federal Ministries (BMWFW, BMVIT). This was the first coordinated step towards the development of interoperable charging infrastructures in Austria in line with the European and internationally developed use cases, standards and e-mobility ecosystem. In 2020, the operational management of the ID issuing office was transferred from Austrian Mobile Power to Smart Mobility Power GmbH.

Today, both natural and legal persons can centrally request and reserve the unique identification numbers, namely 

  • the "EVSE Operator ID" as part of the EVSEID (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Identifier) and
  • the "Provider ID" as part of the EMAID (E-Mobility Account Identifier).

Both IDs consist of the country code (AT) as well as three (alpha-)numeric characters (e.g. a01) and must be completed by the applicants for your charging points or customers in accordance with the standards. 

Instructions on how to do this can be found below and in the download area. 



You can find other national ID issuing offices in Europe at



Austria’s national loading point directory can be found at:


Further charging point directories of the European E-Mobility Community are, for example:

Vergebene und in Verwendung befindliche IDs in Österreich

Wenn Sie sich für bereits in Österreich beantragte oder in Verwendung befindliche Operator-IDs und Provider-IDs interessieren können Sie diese unter abfragen.

Verifizierung vergebener AT-IDs

Für ID-Issueing Agenturen in Europa haben wir eine Verify-Schnittstelle zur automatischen Überprüfung für IDs eingerichtet. Bitte nehmen Sie bei Fragen zur Einbindung in Ihr System mit uns Kontakt auf.