E-Mobility is the game-changer.

Solutions for e-mobility are our passion!

And we have been promoting the implementation of e-mobility in Europe for 10 years.

Smart Mobility Power GmbH follows the cross-sectoral industrial alliance Austrian Mobile Power and offers bundled knowledge and tools for companies.

So far, over 150 top companies have worked with us on strategic issues and service development. With 13,000 completed e-test drives, charging system concepts up to 1 MW of power demand, 235 events and training courses with over 100,000 guests, we offer you unique organizational experience in the areas of electric driving and charging.

We are currently increasingly bringing our knowledge to bear for those involved in retail and the real estate industry and are helping to shape the UN's “United for Sustainable Smart Cities” initiative to bring sustainability into cities and onto the streets.

You too can build on our know-how.


Strategy & Innovation

We carry out surveys, analyzes and studies on the topic of mobility for you and secure your strategic planning with basic data and facts. Company workshops specially designed for you bring new information to your company and create a future-oriented knowledge base with the existing ones. We would be happy to support you in accompanying these new positions with suitable public affairs measures. We bring your visions and strategies to success.


smp workshop


Lifelong learning forms the basis for fun and joy in the work environment of competent employees. Innovative technologies change user behavior in the mobility and energy sectors and thus constantly challenge companies with regard to their innovative ability. We qualify and train your team so that they are equipped for all challenges. 


Tools- & service design

The mobility transition and the energy transition bring challenges that companies and organizations have to deal with actively. We not only make these understandable by evaluating the data of individual sectors, but also provide precise answers for your needs. At the push of a button and without lengthy start-up phases - we have developed unique tools that we would be happy to introduce to you.

We deliver precise, data-based answers to your questions.


Events & Konferenzen

Events & conferences

Smart Mobility Power continues the events and conferences for consumers and specialist audiences that have been successfully initiated and established since 2009 and which the Austrian Mobile Power association has launched. In 2020, some formats for electric mobility will be designed, organized and implemented.

Ausgezeichnet mit dem EDISON Preis 2021

Unser neuestes Produkt, der E-Mobility Concierge von Smart Mobility Power, eine innovative Software-Anwendung für präzise individuelle Antworten rund um E-Mobilität, wurde mit dem renommierten OÖ EDISON-Preis in der Kategorie Technologie mit Bronze ausgezeichnet. Im Rennen waren Oberösterreichs innovativste 50 GründerInnen. 

Der E-Mobility Concierge bietet kompakte und übersichtliche Rundum-Informationen über Produkte, Preise, Förderungen und Vorschriften zur E-Mobilität, maßgeschneidert für den jeweiligen Bedarf.

Incentives work!

Barometer 2021 Anreize wirken

Almost 80% of the respondents stated that Austria's funding initiatives represent real incentives to buy and increase the chance of buying an e-car and charging infrastructure.

Only 1% of those surveyed drive more than 301 kilometers on weekends.

Over two thirds (68%) of today's electrically driven journeys on working days are less than 50 kilometers, another 23% of the daily range is less than 100 kilometers.

“With this, the respondents to the E-Mobility Barometer 2021 invalidate the much-cited counter-argument of a limited range. E-mobility has become suitable for everyday use, "says industry expert Heimo Aichmaier, Managing Director of Smart Mobility Power.

"At the moment, an unnecessarily large amount of power for charging stations is often requested and installed."

That is a waste at all levels. Unnecessary charging power capacities leads to excessive costs, wastes network capacity and causes unnecessary bottlenecks at the location, ”says Heimo Aichmaier. “We urgently need better qualifications for electrical technicians. The installation must respond specifically to customer needs in order to then plan systems in a targeted, careful and cost-saving manner. Otherwise the investment will not pay off. "

"From 2025 we expect 25% e-car share of the monthly new registrations in Austria."

Heimo Aichmaier

Insights and reviews

Die Wiener Elektrotage - das neue E-Mobility Veranstaltungsformat im Herzen Wien's

2 Images

Wiener Elektrotage - Tag 1 - 23.9.2021

Wiener Elektrotage - Tag 1 - 23.9.2021

Wiener Elektrotage - Tag 2 - 24.9.2021

Wiener Elektrotage - Tag 2 - 24.9.2021

MAZDA - Urban Challenge 2021

May 18, 2021
6 Images

Vienna's Ringstrasse was the venue for an unconventional eco-experiment. Mazda organizes the Urban Challenge. The goal is to maneuver the all-electric Mazda MX-30 as efficiently as possible through everyday urban traffic. Several different drivers showed how the factory consumption of the Mazda electric car could easily be undercut in practice. The most efficient round of the ring resulted in 10.6 kWh / 100km. We congratulate!

Electric driving experience

18 Images

Red Bull - Innovator Stage bei den E-Mobility Play Days

Sep 28, 2019
5 Images

As part of the E-Mobility Play Days, the innovator invited to a future discussion on electric mobility.


You and your employees are wondering whether you can benefit from the energy transition in transport? We have the right knowledge platform for you or your company, for qualification, sales training and internal company assessment.
Ask us about SMART PLAY.

Smart Play - Trainings APP

Smart Play - Die Trainings APP
Smart Play - Die Trainings APP
Smart Play App
Smart Play App


We have the software solution for strategic planning and advice on electromobility. This answers 97% of your questions at the push of a button. We accompany you from the strategic and operational planning, dimensioning and calculation to the procurement of tailor-made solutions for all aspects of driving and charging e-vehicles for you, your employees, your company and your customers.

Ask us about SMART POWER.

we know how.

we know how.


Emotions move and change perspectives. That is why we have been holding "electric driving experience" events for 12 years. From small exclusive events to the world's largest electric e-course as part of the E-Mobility Play Days. You are looking for reliable partners for simulation, charging system planning and event implementation.

Electric Driving Experience - we know how!

Electric Driving Experience - we know how!