The Smart Mobility Power GmbH

With over a decade of experience, the Smart Mobility Power team offers current surveys, analyzes, strategies, qualification measures and event concepts. The highly qualified team of experts has worked with over 150 top companies and organizations over the past ten years and has promoted the implementation of e-mobility in Europe. International organizations operating around the world such as the General Directorates of the European Union, ISO, IEC as well as UN / UNECE, ITU, UN-Habitat, OiER have already called on this know-how, most recently as part of the UN's United for Sustainable Smart Cities Initiative. With 13,000 e-test drives completed and 235 events with over 100,000 guests, the company has unique organizational experience.


In 2040, mobility will be quiet, clean and easy accessible. Customized information pave the way for fast consumer decisions to fit the mobility and energy demands sustainably.


We act reliable, future-oriented, and cross-sectoral to contribute and prove electrified, automated and digitized mobility services for vehicles in housing estates and company fleets.


We provide reliable high quality services and solid information based on:

Heimo Aichmaier

Heimo Aichmaier

Managing Director
Smart Mobility Power GmbH